Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre

1. Introduction

The Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre (SFCC) was set up as an association of Fisheries Trusts, District Salmon Fishery Boards, Scottish Government, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage. In 2017 it was agreed that SFCC would merge with Fisheries Management Scotland, and SFCC business would continue as a formal committee of Fisheries Management Scotland.

The Fisheries Management Scotland constitution specifically allows committees to be formed at the discretion of the Board to carry forward specific business as may be deemed appropriate and conducive to the organisations interests. In the case of the SFCC the Terms of Reference take a different format to those of other Fisheries Management Scotland Committees, in recognition of the distinct membership and funding mechanism and with a view to maintaining the identity of SFCC.

2. Purpose

The objectives of the SFCC are to help its members to collect, collate, use, and provide information on freshwater fish, their habitats and fisheries, in an effective and co-operative way.
To these ends it:
a) provides a mechanism for members to standardise data collection,
b) co-ordinates and disseminates spatial data relevant to the freshwater environment in a way that can assist informed discussion and decision making,
c) encourages discussion of fisheries science and management in a forum informed by data driven evidence,
d) facilitates cross-Scotland scientific projects and provides fisheries data to inform national policy decisions, and to evidence local management decisions,
e) promotes the development of specialist software in a cost-effective way,
f) provides training in methods of data collection, management and analysis,
g) informs Fisheries Management Scotland in matters relating to evidence based fisheries management.

3. Membership

1. Any organisation that meets the criteria described in article 1 and any additional criteria set by the SFCC Committee may be considered for membership. New members will be subject to approval by the SFCC Committee.
2. Members will be entitled to the services listed in a separate membership manual. The SFCC Committee may, by resolution passed at any annual or general meeting, add to or amend the list of services.

4. Subscriptions

1. Each member shall make an annual subscription to the SFCC.
2. The annual subscription for each member shall be agreed at the annual meeting of the SFCC. The subscription shall be payable on joining the SFCC and annually thereafter on or before the 6th April or such other date as may be decided at any general meeting.
3. Member organisations should pay their subscriptions within 30 calendar days from the date of the invoice. A member organisation failing to pay their subscription within this time period shall be issued with a reminder, whereupon a review period of 30 days shall be initiated. During this review period, the SFCC Chairman will seek to establish the reason for delayed payment.
4. An organisation failing to pay their subscription within 30 calendar days from the date of the reminder shall cease to be a member of the SFCC, and the SFCC will withdraw its services from them.
5. Subscriptions and reserves will be used solely for the activities of SFCC. Fisheries Management Scotland will provide regular financial updates to the SFCC Committee.

5. Annual and general meetings

1. There shall be an annual meeting of members at a time and place decided by the SFCC Committee.
2. A general meeting may be called by the SFCC Committee at any time within 30 days of a written request by at least four members. At any general or annual meeting, each member shall have one vote. The Chairman shall have a casting vote and a deliberative vote. The quorum shall be ten.

6. Chairman

There shall be a Chairman who shall be elected annually at the annual SFCC meeting from amongst the membership. The Chairman will normally preside at the general meetings of the SFCC and at meetings of the SFCC Committee. In the absence of the Chairman, the representatives at the meeting shall elect a person from amongst themselves to take the Chair.

7. SFCC Management

1. The SFCC Committee will be responsible to the membership for the development and management Β the SFCC.
2. Two representatives from Marine Scotland (Science and Policy), one representative from SEPA, the Chief Executive of FMS and one representative from SNH will be invited to join the SFCC Committee. Five people (including the chairman) will be elected from the membership on an annual basis. Every effort should be made to have at least one member from East and West Coast rivers. Members of the SFCC Committee are expected to attend 75 % of Committee meetings. If they cannot attend, they will endeavour to send a suitable representative instead. Any member who is not represented on the committee shall be entitled to send a person to attend its meetings, but the Committee may conduct some of its business in private if, in its view, the circumstances warrant it. The Committee may invite any person to attend a Committee meeting. The SFCC Committee will meet four times a year or as it may otherwise decide.

8. Staff

Fisheries Management Scotland will, at the request of the SFCC Committee, employ or otherwise engage the services of a Manager using SFCC funds to develop and progress the work of the SFCC, and will engage such other staff or services as the committee considers appropriate. The SFCC Manager will be based at Marine Scotland Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory, Faskally, Pitlochry.
9. Alteration to the Terms of Reference
Following consultation with the membership, the Terms of Reference may be updated through agreement between the Fisheries Management Scotland Board and the SFCC Committee.