St Andrews – mystery as Fife burn turns orange

A pollution incident has occurred on the Kinness Burn in St Andrews. Suspected to be iron contamination, such deposits can have a serious effect on fish and invertebrates. We hope that swift regulatory action by SEPA can be taken to resolve this serious issue.

St Andrews residents have been left mystified as a burn in the town has turned bright orange. Environmental officers have launched an investigation into the cause of discolouration at Kinness Burn in the town.

Water along the entire stretch has been transformed following heavy rain and snow in the area in recent days. Theย Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)ย are sending an inspection team to determine the cause of the problem, as well as whether the contamination poses a risk to wildlife and the environment.

It is thought to be the result of water from historic mine workings which contains naturally occurring metals.

St Andrews resident Barbara Boyd, who witnessed the mystery discolouration, said it is the first time she has seen anything like it. โ€œThe water was running a real bright orange colour all the way along the burn at Lade Braes and looked very strange,โ€ she said.