The Herald: Extreme drought threatens Scottish habitats, say NatureScot

From The Herald – extreme drought has serious consequences for our aquatic habitats – this underlines the need for urgency in doing what we can to mitigate the future effects of drought on our freshwaters.

New research by NatureScot has concluded that the risk of extreme drought is set to rise rapidly within the next two decades, endangering many of our most vital ecosystems, says Agnes Stevenson

When the sun shone and temperatures soared in 2018, reactions were at first joyful. Here at last was Scotland enjoying the sort of summer that it seldom experienced.

But as the weeks passed streams began to run dry, reservoir levels dropped and crops began to wither in the field and what had started out as a pleasant stretch of sunny weather began to take on serious implications, with fish stocks suffering and some parts of the Scotch Whisky industry having to temporarily halt production as water levels continued to fall.