The Scotsman – Climate change: Peatland restoration in Scotland is vital for nature and the fight against global warming – Roseanna Cunningham MSP

Fisheries Management Scotland, and our members, see peatland restoration as an important action that will help to improve the situation for Scotland’s fish species and the aquatic environment on which they depend. Many of our members are already actively engaged in peatland restoration projects, and in the case of impacts arising from commercial forestry (including acidification in the south west), it is often drainage of peatland and replanting on deep peats, which are important issues that need to be addressed. Fisheries Management Scotland were delighted to attend the peatland summit, hosted by Roseanna Cunningham MSP in December 2020, and we look forward to contributing to this important work.

From The Scotsman:

Carbon gold – not often words that spring to mind when thinking about Scotland’s boggy landscape.

Yet that is exactly what our peatlands are – huge stores of carbon created by layers of plants transformed over thousands of years – and we are only beginning to fully understand the role that protecting them will play in our global fight against climate change.

In the past, Scotland’s peatland stores, which exist across the whole of Scotland, were affected by a range of land use practices, and to a lesser extent used for fuel and horticulture. Peatlands are still under huge threat, but practices in Scotland have changed. We are turning the tide but there is still work to be done.