We’re recruiting!

Fisheries Management Scotland are recruiting for the post of Aquaculture Interactions Manager. The Aquaculture Interactions Manager will support Fisheries Management Scotland’s members in efforts to manage interactions between farmed and wild salmonid fish, with the aim of protecting and restoring wild salmonid populations. This is a vital element of Fisheries Management Scotland’s work, particularly in the context of declines in Scotland’s Atlantic salmon and sea trout populations.

More information is available on our vacancies page.

This opportunity arises because Polly Burns will be leaving Fisheries Management Scotland in May. Polly has accepted the post of Head of Fisheries Standard Policy with the Marine Stewardship Council. Polly has made a huge difference in our work on aquaculture interactions and has laid the groundwork for the successful candidate to continue to support our members in managing interactions between wild and farmed salmonids. This role is a great opportunity to make a meaningful difference in protecting our iconic wild salmon and sea trout.