Joint Working Group

On completion of the Wild Fisheries Review in autumn 2014, ASFB and RAFTS formed a Joint Working Group (JWG) to help develop ideas and identify information requirements needed to inform the decision-making process within both organisations. The aim is to give the members and their representatives an informed baseline from which to develop responses to any proposed future changes arising from the WFR and the consultation process and ensure they best meet our fishery management requirements.

The JWG is not a decision making or policy making group. It has been formed to facilitate discussion and to establish how our respective organisations and members might best contribute to the process. It was also established on the principle that a unified voice, from the two most important representative bodies in the Scottish fisheries/catchment management world, will assist us in making our case to Government about any proposed changes in an effective manner.

ASFB and RAFTS convene the JWG on a regular basis, and its deliberations and output are reported to members through briefings and meeting minutes so that members, and others, are fully appraised of issues under consideration.

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JWG Terms of Reference

Briefings & other documents Minutes
Briefing 1 – February 2015 March 2015
Briefing 2 – June 2015  April 2015
Bulletin 1 – July 2015  June 2015
 ASFB response to WFR – August 2015  Member’s meeting 16 June 2015
 Bulletin 2 – August 2015  July 2015
 Bulletin 3 – October 2015 August 2015
 Bulletin 4 November 2015 September 2015
 ASFB response to Wild Fisheries Bill/Strategy consultation May 2016 October 2015
December 2015
January 2016
February 2016
April 2016
May 2016