Fish Farming – North Carradale Escape


On August 20, 2020, Mowi’s salmon farm at Carradale North shifted position after its seabed anchors became dislodged during Storm Ellen. The farm consisted of 10 circular net pens containing a total of 550,000 salmon of approximately 4.2kgs in weight. Four pens were damaged, two of which experienced torn netting. Mowi have confirmed that 48,834 farmed fish have escaped.

We are working with our members, Marine Scotland and Mowi to monitor and mitigate where possible in an attempt to minimise the number of farmed fish entering the rivers draining into the Firth of Clyde. Fisheries Management Scotland have been informed of significant numbers of farmed fish caught by anglers in multiple rivers across Loch Lomond, Ayrshire, Clyde and Argyll. Fish have also been reported from Islay, River Annan, Border Esk, River Eden SAC, and the River Derwent.

Mooring line failure at the southern end of the pen group was identified as the root cause of the incident. Mowi report that this failure was due to abrasion when the feed barge mooring lines came into contact with pen grid mooring lines.


Captures of farmed salmon by anglers were collated by Fisheries Management Scotland using an online reporting sytem. Information on these captures is available in the report below:

Monitoring for the presence of farmed salmon in West Coast Scottish rivers following an escape from the Carradale North salmon farm

The catch locations of salmon of farm derived origin have been mapped and can be viewed below.

To view the map in full screen click here.