Salmon in Cromarty Firth river system would have been a whopper

It is encouraging to see that very large salmon continue to run Scotland’s rivers – from the Ross-shire Journal.

It was clearly a whopper and would have been the catch of a lifetime for many an angler.

That was the verdict from the Cromarty Firth Fishery Board and Trust after a surprise find on a stretch of river within its catchment area.

Board staff who stumbled across the lower jaw of a cock salmon on the river bank were left open-mouthed imagining the size of the fish.

They believe it would have entered the river last year and then presumably died after spawning.

The kype to the jaw hinge measured 200mm and when placed against the jaw of a wooden carving of a 44lb salmon “it was more or less the same size”.

The group said later: “How much the fish weighed we will never know, but it certainly was extremely big and had it been caught would have been a fish of a lifetime for the lucky angler.”