Scottish 2021 elections – pledge for Atlantic salmon conservation

The following Scottish election candidates have signed our pledge to support wild Atlantic salmon conservation action in Scotland.

Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Candidate Constituency/Region
Alexander Burnett Aberdeenshire West/North East Scotland
Donald Cameron Argyll and Bute/ Highlands and Islands
Edward Mountain Inverness and Nairn/Highlands and Islands
Finlay Carson Galloway and West Dumfries/ South Scotland
Grahame Cannell Glasgow Kelvin/ Glasgow
Harriet Cross Aberdeen Donside/North East Scotland
Kathleen Leslie Kirkcaldy/Mid Scotland and Fife
Miles Briggs Edinburgh Southern/ Lothian
Oliver Mundell Dumfriesshire/South Scotland
Rachael Hamilton Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire/South Scotland
Stewart Whyte Aberdeenshire East/ North East Scotland

Scottish Greens

Candidate Constituency/Region
Ariane Burgess Inverness and Nairn/ Highlands and Islands
Erin Crawley West Scotland
Barbra Harvie Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire/ South Scotland
Chris Ballance Highlands and Islands
Debra Nicolson Highlands and Islands
Evelyn Weston Lothian
Kate Nevens Lothian
Laura Moodie Galloway & West Dumfries/South Scotland
Mark Ruskell Mid Scotland and Fife

Scottish Labour

Candidate Constituency/Region
Claudia Beamish Clydesdale/South Scotland
Monica Lennon Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse/Central Scotland
Sarah Boyack Lothian

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Candidate Constituency/Region
Catriona Bhatia South Scotland


Candidate Constituency/Region
Alasdair Allan Highlands and Islands
Audrey Nicoll Aberdeen South and North Kincardine/North East Scotland
Christine Grahame Midlothian South / Tweeddale and Lauderdale
Fergus Mutch North East Scotland
Heather Anderson South Scotland
Jackie Dunbar Aberdeen Donside
Laura Brennan-Whitefield South Scotland
Lorna Douglas West Scotland
Evelyn Tweed Stirling
Siobhian Brown South Scotland