Trees and their crucial importance to future protection of aquatic habitat

It’s all about trees – two interesting pieces – one short audio article explaining the crucial role trees will play for climate change proofing our aquatic habitats and some guidance from Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Botanic Gardens Conservation International on best practice when considering forest restoration.

Wild salmon, the so-called king of fish, is fighting for survival across much of the Northern Hemisphere. Many salmon populations are in steep decline in the face of dams, fish farming and climate change. And in Scotland, one project is focusing on forests to ensure survival of wild salmon at a crisis point. As it turns out, forests feed salmon just as salmon feed the forests.


Tree planting is often portrayed as an easy answer to the climate crisis, but a new review led by RBG Kew and BGCI highlights the issues with large-scale tree planting

Scientists have devised ten golden rules for reforestation around ‘right tree, right place’ principles, to maximise benefits for people and the planet

The research is launched ahead of Kew’s first virtual global conference on reforestation, on 24-26 February 2021 convening voices on all sides of this topic from the business, science, policy, horticulture and environmental sectors