To be the pre-eminent, representative fisheries management body in Scotland, recognised as such by local fishery management, Government and other agencies


Fisheries Management Scotland was formed in 2016 as the single representative organisation for the District Salmon Fishery Boards and Fisheries Trusts in Scotland. We will:

  • Promote and ensure the best fisheries management for the protection, preservation and development of Scotland’s wild salmon and freshwater fish, along with their fisheries and environment.
  • Represent the interests of our member organisations

Fisheries Management Scotland will provide value to our members by enabling and supporting local fisheries management. We will work to ensure that our members are recognised by all relevant stakeholders as the pre-eminent, professional and positive influence on all matters relating to the evidence-based management of fish and fisheries. We will do this by:

  • Communicating and working with our members to facilitate best practice and good governance, in all aspects of the conservation and evidence-based management of salmon, sea trout and freshwater fish and fisheries;
  • Influencing relevant public policy, including development of coherence national policy and scientific strategies, by representing our members views to Government and Agencies, to ensure appropriate and sustainable evidence-based fisheries management;
  • Coordination and storage of fish and environmental data;
  • Maintaining a constructive working relationship with a range of key industry sectors to ensure that any potential impact on fish is appropriately mitigated;
  • Identifying and facilitating mechanisms for members to secure funding for local projects which benefit salmon, sea trout and freshwater fish and fisheries and their environment;
  • Encouraging and supporting better public awareness of the significant economic value, both locally and nationally, of fish and fisheries and the environment on which they depend through education and outreach.