Session 1Young fish – boosting their prospects

10.00     Setting the scene – smolt fitness and marine survivalJohn Armstrong, Marine Scotland Science

10.15    Nutrient restoration – a new strategy to improve juvenile productionSimon McKelvey, Cromarty Fisheries

10.30    River temperatures, climate change and mitigation actionsFaye Jackson, Marine Scotland Science


Session 2: Young fish – learning from their travels

11.30     Saving the SparlingJack Wootton, Galloway Fisheries Trust

11.45     Dee & Deveron tracking projects – Lorraine Hawkins, River Dee & Marcus Walters, River Deveron

12.00     The Missing Salmon Project – Sarah Bayley-Slater, Atlantic Salmon Trust


Session 3: Young people & fish – making connections

14.00    Raising Fish to Raise Attainment, and other adventures in community engagement with the Clyde River Foundation – Willie Yeomans, Clyde River Foundation

14.15    Engaging the next generation and connecting people to their local rivers – Nick Beevers, Forth Fisheries Trust

14.30     Engaging the next generation -the Swedish experience – Tina Kraft, Relax Fishing Sweden (Talk to follow)