NatureScot is the public body responsible for advising Scottish Ministers on all matters relating to the natural heritage. Fisheries Management Scotland are working to ensure that NatureScot acts to address the wild salmon crisis, in coordination with Scottish Government and other agencies.

NatureScot’s purpose is to:

  • promote, care for and improve our natural heritage
  • help people to enjoy nature responsibly
  • enable greater understanding and awareness of nature
  • promote the sustainable use of Scotland’s natural heritage

NatureScot also advise local authorities and work with the Scottish Parliament and public, private and voluntary organisations towards shared aims.

Fisheries Management Scotland works closely with NatureScot to make the case for the protection and enhancement of our native fish species and the habitats on which they depend. District Salmon Fishery Boards have powers and duties to protect and enhance Atlantic salmon and sea trout stocks. A large range of pressures which salmon face have been identified. Of these, only a very limited number are under the direct control of fisheries managers. It is therefore vital that we work with Government, Agencies and industry with a view to managing these impacts to ensure that the environment on which the fish depend is optimal.

What are we doing?
Our advocacy work with NatureScot includes discussion about the environmental impact, and mitigation, of specific developments and participation in formal stakeholder groups (listed below). We are also working with NatureScot to ensure that fisheries managers have appropriate and effective tools to reduce predation pressure on migratory fish, particularly at key pressure points in the life cycle.

Stakeholder Groups

Group name & linkPurpose
Scottish Beaver ForumThe Scottish Beaver Forum was established by NatureScot with the prurpose of informing and consulting on the development of a Management Framework for Beavers in Scotland.
National Species Reintroduction ForumThe forum’s role is to consider broad-scale, strategic issues relating to native species reintroductions and other types of conservation translocations in Scotland.