2019 is International Year of the Salmon. It aims to protect salmon by bringing people together to share knowledge, raise public awareness and take action. Fisheries Management Scotland is working alongside a range of partners to raise awareness of Atlantic salmon, and the issues faced by this iconic species.  

What wild salmon mean to me is a Fisheries Management Scotland led project, working with a range of individuals whose lives are inextricably linked to salmon, to deliver a powerful and passionate message about what salmon mean to people from a broad spectrum of society. This message take the form of succinct and personal stories and are part of our contribution to the International Year of the Salmon.

We hope that you find them interesting and thought provoking. Click on the image to read each story.

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Sandy Bremner


Mark Bowler


Ronald Campbell


Richard Davies
Andrew Douglas-Home
Karl Ferguson


Craig Fleming


Andrew Flitcroft
Jo Girvan


Peter Hutchinson


Faye Jackson


Drew Jamieson


Sam MacDonald


David Profumo


Finlay Wilson