Since angling resumed in Scotland in summer, Fisheries Management Scotland has been receiving reports of Atlantic salmon exhibiting signs of red ‘rash’, bleeding and/or ulceration. We are also aware of similar reports from Ireland and Norway. This issue also occurred in 2019, however the reports from the sampling of fish last year were inconclusive. Fisheries Management Scotland are liaising closely with Marine Scotland on this issue and we have produced an information sheet with some frequently asked questions.

In both years, initial reports were first received in late May, with most reports coming in during June and July. Whilst reports have now tailed off significantly, if you encounter a fish exhibiting these symptoms (see images below) please contact the relevant district salmon fishery board and the Fish Health Inspectorate (details below). Fisheries Management Scotland are collecting data submitted by anglers and others through the relevant district salmon fishery board.

If reporting information to the district salmon fishery board and Fish Health Inspectorate, please include the following:

    • Date observed/caught;
    • Photos;
    • Size and weight estimate;
    • One sea winter or multi sea winter;
    • Location caught/observed (OS grid ref if known);
    • Clinical signs of disease;
    • Water temperature;
    • Any other observations.

See also the advice on the Fish Health Inspectorate web page.

Typical signs – images courtesy of Reuben Sweeting







Contact Details for Fish Health Inspectorate

Fish Health Inspectorate
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Tel:  +44 (0) 131 244 3498
Fax: +44 (0) 131 244 0944

If an urgent matter related to the issues listed above arises outside normal office hours, you can telephone the On Call Inspector for assistance on +44 (0)131 244 1833.