The SFCC electrofishing database was launched in 2011 to provide secure online storage and a means for fisheries trusts to standardise data collection across Scotland. There are now over 30,000 electrofishing surveys stored by 31 different organisations including SEPA. Full access and ongoing support is provided to SFCC members as part of their annual SFCC membership subscription.


  • Provide a mechanism for local fisheries managers to standardise data entry
  • Provide infrastructure that is remotely accessible
  • Provide a data exporting service that meets the needs of local fisheries managers while also meeting the needs of national science colleagues for Scotland-wide analysis
  • Automated fish survey report and statistics generation

Current usage

There are 73 active user accounts across a total of 25 organisations. These include:

  • 20 fisheries trusts
  • 3 District Salmon Fishery Boards,
  • SEPA and Marine Scotland Science.

In addition, 4 further fisheries trusts and boards utilised the database as part of the National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland.

Benefits to members

The database provides additional services beyond simple storage of data. These include:

  • A range of automated statistical outputs which are routinely quoted in fisheries trust annual reports and contract publications.
  • Automated generation of PDF’s containing summarised survey data, histograms and statistics.

Database User Guide

  1. Database introduction and site creation – Video

2. Electrofishing event input – Video

3. Exporting and reporting electrofishing data – Video