Following the recent announcement by Roseanna Cunningham which significantly reduced the ambition of the wild fisheries reform process, Fisheries Management Scotland are reassessing our priorities in relation to Wild Fisheries Reform.

The fisheries management sector has diverted significant resources towards contributing to the reform process to date. The Stakeholder Reference Group, and the five specific working groups established to inform the process, have all benefited from significant input and investment of time from across our community. This also represents a significant opportunity cost as that time was diverted from other activities.

Our focus is on:

  • Ensuring that Scotland maintains and builds upon its world class fisheries. Central to this is a need to encourage and develop participation in angling for all ages.
  • Prioritising those elements of the reform process that offer the greatest benefits to fisheries management. Ideally the re-focused reform process will result in a system through which local management is empowered and supported to achieve the best outcomes for fish and fisheries.

Fisheries Management Scotland is represented on the Stakeholder Reference Group and the following working groups: