Initial qualifications, training and experience are not in themselves always adequate to equip staff for their working life and professional activities. Maintaining competence in any field requires ongoing and focused commitment to learn and develop new skills and abilities in response to need. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) enables this to happen.

Fisheries Management Scotland, in collaboration with other stakeholders in the Scottish fisheries management sector, are developing a system of CPD to help those involved in fisheries management to develop their skills. It will allow  individuals to identify appropriate opportunities – whether formal/informal training courses or simply attendance at events – to ensure they have the optimal skills, training, experience and information to assist them in undertaking their work. Find out more about the Working Group on Training and CPD which is taking this work forward. A training matrix which identifies a broad range of courses and providers, is one output from this work and this will continue to evolve.

The Scottish Fisheries Co-ordination Centre deliver a range of courses tailored to fisheries management in Scotland. These include courses on electro-fishing, habitat surveying, scale reading and a range of other fisheries management disciplines.

The Institute of Fisheries Management deliver a certificate course, diploma course and a range of short courses. Whilst IFM is a UK-wide organisation, many of their courses have relevance to Scotland. The Scottish Bailiff Training Module counts as a unit towards the IFM Certificate course.

Watch Jamie Urquhart from the River Dee talking to Lantra about careers in fisheries management