The River opened on January 11th with the Sutherland Schools Pipe Band bravely marching down the High St and soon to be lost in swirling sleet. However, hardy anglers from far and wide as usual turned out in numbers. They spread up the river and on a single pool there were anglers from 7 cars by 11 am.

Conditions made angling very testing and no fish were caught in the first 4 days. Water was high but not impossibly high. Nonetheless anglers, ever-resilient, were on the river in blowing snow as early as 8.15am.

Everyone waits in anticipation to see these efforts rewarded by the capture of the first ’silver tourist’.

The Open Days, with free angling anywhere on the river subject to checking in, finish on Saturday 21st January.

Source: Helmsdale – 15 January 2017