The Open days starting January 11th saw a large number of faithful visitor anglers returning once more to the River Helmsdale Opening. The Sutherland Schools Pipe Band led the procession down the High St and the Opening Cast was performed by Donald Sutherland, well-known ghillie on Suisgill Estate. Over 100 anglers signed in on the first day.

Water was high and the chances of finding that early migrant were thereby slimmer and, on this occasion, none were caught during the week. Kelts were reported to be strong.

The first fish was eventually caught on Feb 6. Another followed at the beginning of the next week which weighed 20lb.

The Helmsdale Board believes there is a place for hatcheries and properly-introduced young fish from its own hatchery to assist stocks in the parts of the catchment where there is a demonstrable need. There are some 150,000 ova presently in the hatchery which will in due course be returned to the river as unfed fry.

The Helmsdale Board is co-operating with the neighbouring Dunbeath River in a scientific analysis of alternative hatchery fertilisation techniques.

In the government’s concept of Conservation Limits, the Helmsdale has been given a Number 1 classification. This means that the spawning stock is considered adequate. Catch and Release rules are therefore in the hands of the Helmsdale DSFB. On the private beats the rules are as follows:
All Spring fish up to June 6 are to returned.
Throughout the season all fish over 12lb are to be returned.
Each beat may keep one grilse or salmon under 12 lb per week, providing it is fresh.
To protect the integrity of the stock, all farmed escapees are to be killed and not put back.
Visiting anglers are requested to follow the spirit of these rules for the sake of the stock and the continued good reputation of the river.

Source: Helmsdale – 16 February 2016