There are new warnings over an alien species of salmon in Scottish rivers – after first turning up six years ago.

Footage of what is believed to be the first recorded sighting on the River Laxford in Sutherland of invasive, non-native, Pacific pink salmon in UK waters this year has been recorded.

It was seen on June 29. The footage was captured by Atlantic Salmon Trust’s technical project manager for Project Laxford, Chris Conroy.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust is working in partnership with the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor’s Reay Forest Estate to understand the Laxford catchment and deliver impactful management actions to support wild fish populations.

This dynamic 10-year study, which is also supported by Marine Scotland Science and West Sutherland Fisheries Trust, aims to better understand the River Laxford catchment and to restore the numbers of wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout by improving the quality and habitat of the river.