Fisheries Management Scotland is delighted to announce the appointment of Chloe Grant as our new Wild Salmon Conservation Manager. Chloe brings considerable experience in advocacy, campaigning and communications and will add significant value to our efforts to secure a sustainable future for Scotland’s wild Atlantic salmon, sea trout, freshwater fish and the habitats on which they depend.

A key focus of this post will be working closely with the Scottish Government, public bodies and a broad range of stakeholders to raise awareness of the needs of wild Atlantic salmon, and to support the delivery of relevant aspects of the Wild Salmon Strategy, Biodiversity Strategy, River Basin Management Planning and the Riverwoods Initiative. Chloe will also work closely with our members to support them in their ongoing efforts to protect and restore the aquatic environment.

This post is part-funded by Crown Estate Scotland (CES) for an initial period of three years, and we are hugely grateful for this support to help us deliver positive change for our precious wild Atlantic salmon stocks.

Chloe Grant, Wild Salmon Conservation Manager said “In the wake of over a decade of declining wild salmon populations, stepping into the role of Wild Salmon Conservation Manager feels like answering a crucial call to action. This new position at Fisheries Management Scotland comes at an opportune and necessary time to address the many pressures on our wild fish populations. I look forward to working alongside Fisheries Management Scotland members, the Scottish Government, and industry leaders to develop sustainable solutions collectively and collaboratively.”

Fiona Simpson, Asset Manager, Crown Estate Scotland said “The conservation work Chloe will be doing is vitally important to the future of wild salmon in Scotland. Crown Estate Scotland is really pleased to be funding her new post as part of our continued efforts to support delivery of the Scottish Government’s wild salmon strategy implementation plan.”

Alan Wells, Chief Executive, Fisheries Management Scotland said “I am delighted to welcome Chloe to the Fisheries Management Scotland team. Chloe brings a fantastic blend of experience from her previous environmental work which will be a tremendous boost to our efforts to ensure Atlantic salmon are front and centre in our engagement with policy makers, politicians and wider stakeholders. I am very grateful to Crown Estate Scotland for their funding support in making this post happen.