Fishermen from Inverness Angling Club gathered on the banks this morning to mark the long-awaited return of the salmon fishing season.

The season runs annually from February 1 until October 15. Anglers and spectators were piped down to the river by Scott Hay to mark the official launch of the season.

Neil Souter, general manager of James Pringle Weavers, was given the honour of blessing the river as Brian Shaw, director of Ness District Salmon Fishery Board made the first cast.

Bill Byers, Inverness Angling Club president, said it was probably one of the most important days of the year for the club.

“It’s just to celebrate the new year and hope that we have better season,” he added. “The last two years have been very poor returns, Covid has had an impact as well, and it’s just good to get people out again because it’s very therapeutic as well the fishing and it gets people out in the fresh air.”