More than £233,000 has been awarded to help nature recover on a tributary of the River Dee, on Ballogie Estate near Banchory.

The award to the Dee District Salmon Fishery Board will help restore the Cattie Burn, an important tributary of the middle river.

The funding comes from the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund, managed by NatureScot, which has already supported vital restoration work elsewhere on the River Dee by the Dee Fishery Board and River Dee Trust. The multiple works are intended to have a transformational cumulative benefit to the river, catchment and the wildlife that depends upon it.

The Cattie Burn Restoration project aims to restore the watercourse and parts of its floodplain by implementing a range of practical measures, including re-meandering a modified section of the watercourse, creating instream habitat, removing two disused weirs, enhancing the floodplain and wetland, native tree planting and controlling an invasive non-native plant on the riverbank.