The season’s finish coincided with the first severe frost. Cock salmon at last left the lairs they had occupied since early August and became more aggressive. However, late season angling on the Helmsdale in 2016 had consisted of seeing fish jumping and being able to do little to interest them in flies.

Catches were accordingly below average. At around 1300 for the year it was a modest season for catch numbers.

The health of the river was affirmed by wide electro-fishing coverage and young salmon were found all over the catchment. Conditions were good for this simple method of assessing stocks of young migratory fish, and the Helmsdale DSFB team also carried out habitat work for the Forestry Commission on some neighbouring rivers.

The Helmsdale Salmon Fishery Board has decided again to offer a period of Open Days at the start of the 2017 season. The Open days will commence on Wednesday January 11th and end on Saturday January 21st. Anglers need to sign in and can then fish on the river wherever they please. The government’s ruling about Catch and Release for all spring salmon means that fish must be returned. But Spring fishing is not entirely about eating salmon, as anglers know.

Source: Helmsdale – 21 October 2016