A massive peatland restoration project is being planned by Buccleuch Estate, working with the Crichton Carbon Centre.

The joint project plans to undertake an intensive exercise to map areas of potential deep peat on estates in the south of Scotland. Following completion of a report containing information on the peatland areas, a programme of restoration and biodiversity enhancement will be planned for the next decade and beyond.

A second phase of peatland restoration work has recently been completed on Buccleuch’s Queensberry Estate supporting a new mentoring scheme to train individuals in bare peat restoration techniques introduced via the partnership and funded by NatureScot Peatland ACTION.

The Crichton Carbon Centre report, commissioned and funded by Buccleuch, identified 28 sites on the estates where peatland could be restored, in addition to more than 150 ha of peatland already restored across two sites in the Scottish Borders.