FILMMAKERS Richard Davies and Chris Howard will share the secrets next week of how they captured shots of Atlantic salmon for Wild Isles, the recent BBC One wildlife series presented by Sir David Attenborough.

The Missing Salmon Alliance (MSA) is hosting an online evening with the Silverback Films duo on 18 May.

The free event is being hosted by Jonathon Muir, head of communications at the Atlantic Salmon Trust.

“Through pioneering camera work, narration and cinematography, Silverback Films producer Chris Howard harnessed the filming skills of Richard Davies to bring new attention to what is happening to the ‘King of Fish’,” explained the event’s organisers.

“The ‘Freshwater’ episode of Wild Isles, which was released on 2 April, highlighted the stark reality that, in Sir David Attenborough’s words, ‘returning [wild Atlantic] salmon numbers have fallen by 70% in just 25 years… [and] at the current rate of decline, they may disappear from all our rivers in as little as 20 years’ time – the grandchildren of these fish may be the last to make this astonishing journey’.