Over the last couple of years, a range of partners have come together to run an innovative project on the River Dee in Kirkcudbrightshire, tracking young salmon as they travel down the valley and out to sea.  This work has shone a light on the challenges they face and how this iconic species can best be protected.  Findings from this work will form the content of an online public event on 16th November.

The work was led by Galloway Fisheries Trust, supported by Drax – the owners of the Galloway Hydro Scheme, The Galloway Glens Scheme, University of Glasgow and the Dee (Kirkcudbrightshire) District Salmon Fishery Board.

The study focused on the capture of juvenile salmon at the point of smoltification (the point at which salmon start changing their physiology from being a freshwater fish and readying themselves to live in the marine environment) and tracking their movement down through the river system.