A round-up of some of the works and installations highlighting today’s environmental crisis

As world leaders gather at the Cop26 summit to discuss their nations’ roles to combat climate change, many artists have also rallied behind the event by producing work that puts the issues at stake under the spotlight.

From a light projection to an eco-friendly house, The National takes a look at the most significant works:

A glass installation that highlights the decline of Atlantic wild fish, by Joseph Rossano

More than 300 hand-blown glass cylinders symbolising a shoal of salmon hang from a ceiling in the Cop26’s Blue Zone, to shed light on the UK’s declining wild Atlantic salmon populations. This community engagement project, conceptualised by artist Joseph Rossano, includes contributions from environmentalists, scientists and craftspeople from all over the world. The work was commissioned by the UK’s Missing Salmon Alliance, and highlights their successful repopulation project in Glasgow’s River Clyde, where decades of industrial pollution had driven out the river’s wild salmon.