It is fantastic to see the Missing Salmon Alliance Salmon School project featured amongst a series of eco-based art pieces at COP 26

From neon warnings, to flags and polar bears, artists are highlighting the climate crisis

As politicians and eco experts from around the world descend on Glasgow for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, Cop26 (31 October-12 November), artists across the UK are marking the event with environmentally-themed works designed to highlight the current climate crisis.

Indestructible language, Mary Ellen Carroll

Visitors and residents of Glasgow cannot fail to miss a monumental neon work located on the roof of The Schoolhouse, a Victorian building in the city centre. The piece by the New York-based artist Mary Ellen Carroll, titled Indestructible Language, consists of eight-foot high illuminated red neon characters made of lead-free glass, powered 100% by renewable energy, spelling out the phrase: It Is Green Thinks Nature Even In The Dark.

The work goes live at 7pm on 30 October (until 31 January 2022); it is backed by numerous sponsors including the Texas-based TransArt Foundation and the Turtle Conservancy charity in California.