Crown Estate Scotland and Forth District Salmon Fishery Board (Forth DSFB) have signed an agreement which will see Forth DSFB take on extra responsibility over fishing rights across a large area of eastern Scotland.

The agreement to delegate management of Scottish Crown Estate assets is the first of a number expected to be put in place over the coming months.

Crown Estate Scotland launched the Local Pilots Management Scheme in 2018 to create opportunities for communities to get more involved in managing parts of the Scottish Crown Estate. It is part of a wider step-change in how the Estate is managed, ensuring communities and local authorities have more say and influence.

Some of the key aspects of the agreement announced today include:

  • Crown Estate Scotland will provide funding to support a project officer employed by Forth DSFB who will deliver the project
  • Forth DSFB will manage invoicing of rent for leased fishing rights and broker new fishing leases within the district
  • Forth DSFB will promote fishing / angling relevant to the Scottish Crown Estate including for the wider associated benefits. .