Around a quarter of Scottish rivers, lochs and coastal waters have been physically altered because of historic industry, urban and rural land development. Improving the physical condition of these waters could achieve many benefits for human health and the environment, from reducing flood risk to habitat protection.

A consultation has been launched by Paul Wheelhouse, Scottish Government Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, today (21 November 2012).

The consultation contains proposals on how the agencies responsible for protecting and enhancing the Scottish water environment, and the industries that rely on the water environment for economic prosperity, can work together to maximise the opportunities available for improvements.

‘Improving the physical condition of Scotland’s water environment’ details the actions which will be needed to meet targets set by Scotland’s river basin management plans. Those who can help to deliver the improvements, including public bodies and private industries, now have the opportunity to input to the plan and provide feedback on the actions that are being assigned to them.

The consultation is being led by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

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