Catchand release leaflet 2013With stocks on many salmon rivers under pressure, catch and release (C&R) is now widely practised by anglers across Britain. In 2012, 74 percent of rod-caught salmon were released by anglers in Scotland, and 65 percent in England and Wales.

A new leaflet which provides advice on C&R has been produced. This advice is to help anglers ensure that the salmon they catch survive to spawn and boost future stocks.

What’s covered?

The pdf/leaflet includes advice on tackle, preparation before fishing, playing and landing fish, and unhooking and release.

Links are provided to sources of single hooked Flying Cs and fish-friendly replacement net bags for landing nets: both currently hard to find.

There are also links to websites with a range of calculators giving weight from length for salmon.


Individual organisations may wish to promote it to their members and contacts, not just anglers but others who can influence anglers such as fishery owners, angling clubs and the tackle trade.

Please help to pass this information on via your websites and promote it through e-communications (e.g. newsletters, Twitter, blogs, and Facebook) so as to reach anglers quickly.

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