A new comprehensive website – www.fisheries.asfb.org.uk – has been launched today by the Association of Salmon Fishery Boards (ASFB) to highlight the great extent of affordable, good value salmon angling in Scotland. It demonstrates beyond doubt that, contrary to popular belief, much of the available fishing is accessible at very modest cost.

The website is a one-stop portal into a wide variety of affordable and accessible salmon fishings – not only for anglers in Scotland but also those from further afield attracted by the country’s long-standing high reputation internationally for angling tourism. Salmon angling is worth over £100M annually to the Scottish economy, supporting over 2,500 full-time equivalent jobs and crucially, extending the tourist season significantly into the very early and late parts of the year. 

Stewart Stevenson MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, said, “I welcome any initiative that makes people aware of opportunities to enjoy Scotland’s great outdoors, including our rivers, which can be enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike. It’s important that salmon fishing is made as accessible and affordable as possible and I hope this new website can provide people with the information they need to consider getting involved.”

Brian Davidson, Operations Director for ASFB, explained: “The new website provides factual, impartial information to help challenge the common perception that salmon angling in Scotland is elitist and only available to those with deep pockets. The aim is to highlight the abundance of opportunities for affordable and accessible salmon and sea trout fishing in Scotland. Many of these moderately-priced fishings are very productive. Indeed it is estimated that 15-20 % of the national salmon rod catch in Scotland is made on angling association waters controlled or fished by local clubs, the majority of which charge less than £200 for an annual permit. Furthermore our research indicates that close to a third of all salmon landed by anglers are caught on fishings, both association and private waters, costing no more than £60 per day – the threshold for inclusion on the website.”

Mr Davidson continued: “The website is designed to provide anglers, both local and those visiting Scotland, with all the necessary details on individual fisheries so that they can make informed choices. It is important to emphasize that ASFB has no financial interest in this project, nor is it a commercial marketing tool for individual fisheries or indeed a vehicle for purchasing permits.”

Mr Davidson added: “Like many other pursuits, some salmon fishing will always be expensive and this fuels the misconception that the great majority of beats are exclusive and beyond the reach of all but a privileged few. The reality is – and the website provides compelling testimony – that this perception does not stand up to scrutiny.”

The new website currently features over 250 eligible fisheries with more being added on a weekly basis. The project has been funded by a grant from the Fishmongers’ Company.

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