Ah, the winter months. Hurricane winds, hail stones the size of golf balls, thunder and lightening, horizontal rain and trees blocking roads. Definitely a time for the office and report writing. With the field work completed on the majority of projects this year, we’re now getting stuck into the analysis and reporting in the warm office.

There are still a couple of projects that require fieldwork, such as the Loch Fyne Sea Lice Dispersal project; this involves wading thigh deep from the shore dragging a plankton net behind us and losing the feeling in our hands. The things we do for the fish! We also have some fieldwork to do for the EU Invasive Weeds project, but thankfully we can wear gloves for that one.

We’re also waiting for a break in the weather to go out and have a look for signs of salmon and trout spawning, but we really need a bit of frost for that to clear the water up.

That is all.

Source: Argyll Fisheries Trust – November and December