WTT, in a partnership with the IBIS Project and Argyll Fisheries Trust, is running a two day event on 13 & 14 May 2015 , Practical Training in Habitat Improvement Techniques near Inverary, Argyll. These days, headed for WTT by Conservation Officers Gareth Pedley and Jon Grey, will be a mix of a classroom day focusing on salmonid habitat requirements, factors impacting on those requirements and mitigation measures before a second day spent in the river, carrying out some basic habitat enhancement techniques. The event is FREE to participants, thanks to the support of the IBIS Project. For more details and to book in, go to http://www.loughs-agency.org/ibis/ibis-events/cpd-practical-training-in-habitat-improvement-techniques/

Source: Argyll Fisheries Trust – Practical Habitat Training Event in Argyll – 13 & 14 May 2015