Fly fishing on river Tweed by PeeblesScotland’s Chief Statistician today published the provisional salmon and sea trout fishery statistics for the 2012 season.

The publication provides an early indication of rod and net catch together with net fishing effort for the 2012 fishing season. The statistics are based on returns from proprietors, occupiers and agents of salmon and sea trout fisheries throughout Scotland.


  • The total reported rod catch (retained and released) for 2012 is 84,950. This is the 10th highest rod catch on record and is 94% of the previous 5-year average.
  • The proportion of the rod catch accounted for by catch and release is the highest reported since these figures were first recorded in 1994. In 2012, 91% of rod caught spring salmon was released, as was 74% of the annual rod catch.

Sea Trout

  • For Scotland as a whole, the total reported rod catch of sea trout (retained and released) for 2012 is 21,691. Catches have declined over much of the period since 1952, when our records began and the 2012 catch is the fifth lowest in the time series.
  • There are clear differences among geographic regions in the relative strength of the 2012 rod catch. All mainland regions in the west of Scotland reported catches which were within the lowest ten recorded for their region over the period 1952 to 2012. The reported catch in Moray Firth and North East regions were, similarly, the lowest and fourth lowest respectively over the same period. Catches in the East and North regions in 2012 were, on the other hand, both among the top ten catches recorded within their respective regions, while the catch recorded in the Outer Hebrides was close to the mid-point in the time series.
  • The proportion of the total rod catch accounted for by catch and release remains among the highest reported since records began in 1994 and accounted for 70% of the catch in 2012.

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