Leaping Salmon 2Marine Scotland Science have published the provisional Scottish salmon and sea trout fishery statistics for the 2013 season. This information may be accessed from the Scottish Government website.

Topic sheets may be downloaded from this page which provide summaries of the fishery statistics for both salmon and sea trout together with a commentary placing the data in the context of the time series of information which has been collected since 1952. A further topic sheet describes how the annual survey of salmon and sea trout fisheries is carried out and summarises the available data. In addition, provisional reported fishery statistics for the 2012 season may be downloaded for all 109 Scottish fishery districts.

The main Scottish Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics web page may be accessed here.

Current Status of Scottish Salmon and Sea Trout stocks

Marine Scotland Science has produced a report summarising the status of Scottish salmon and sea trout stocks based on provisional reported rod catch data together with information from fish counters and fixed traps. The report will be updated annually, in April. The latest publication, Marine Scotland Science Report 03/14 “Status of Scottish Salmon and Sea Trout Stocks 2013”, may be downloaded here.