Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) is inviting people in and around East Kintyre to take part in the development of the Carradale Land Management Plan.

The plan comprises four forest areas – Deer Hill, Deucheran, Grogport and High Clachaig, a total of 6,700 hectares – that cross a variety of different habitats, from conifer forest to native broadleaf areas and peat bogs sustaining a rich biodiversity.

There are also several recreational interests within the plan area, including facilities from Carradale up to the Deer Hill viewpoint.

Donald McNeill, FLS planning manager for the local team in West Region, said: ‘Forest management is a long-term business, so the draft plan looks at the next 20 years and how we can get the most out of these forests, how we will protect forest sustainability and diversity and how we will ensure that these forests continue to be an asset to the local communities.