The Deveron, Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust (DBIT) are delighted to announce that local distiller CHIVAS REGAL (Pernod Ricard) have agreed to sponsor an innovative scheme to assist in the conservation of spring salmon on the river Deveron.

The salmon reward scheme which was run as a trial last year and helped protect over 150 spring salmon, will see the DBIT reward anglers with a bottle of 12 yrs old Chivas Regal whisky (c. £25)  for every spring salmon released unharmed to the river and verified under the claim procedure*. The scheme will operate between the 11th Feb and 31st May 2013 to coincide with spring salmon entering the river Deveron from the North Atlantic.

DBIT Senior Biologist Richie Miller said:

“The Deveron fishery is of huge economic and social importance to the area. However, from a purely biological point of view, spring salmon that evade capture or are released under this scheme to spawn are even more important. These fish — and particularly the females — ensure the future health of this salmon stock, which gives the area its 9 month long angling season. The River Deveron District Salmon Fishery Board is aware of the unfortunate decline of our spring salmon and is taking important steps, along with this scheme, to try and protect and enhance these fish for future generations. Although the Deveron fishery is generally in good health and consistently produces good annual catches, spring salmon and also the sea trout have shown a worrying decline and need anglers to help these populations get back on their feet. Anglers have already shown their support and many released fish during 2012 without claiming awards due to them”

*Claim Procedure (Take a scale sample 6-10 scales from behind and below dorsal fin from salmon, place in scale packet/dry envelope and record details of fish to allow and submit to Turriff Tackle) fish to be verified.