The Spey Catchment Initiative are pleased to announce that the updated and revised River Spey Catchment Management Plan has been published. An electronic version of the plan can be downloaded here.

Grant Moir, Chief Executive at the Cairngorms National Park Authority summed it up nicely: “It’s fantastic to see the launch of the new Spey CMP, a key document which aims to maximise the benefits the river can provide for local communities, industry and tourism while maintaining habitat for internationally important species like the Freshwater Pearl Mussel. Partnership working is crucial for the delivery of the CMP  and I know that the widespread contributions from all sectors such as farming, fisheries and outdoor recreation will contribute to its success“.  What that statement doesn’t allude to is the tremendous amount of work done by the Spey Catchment Initiative, primarily by Liz Henderson, the SCI project officer, who has cajoled and prodded all concerned to ensure the timely publication of the new plan.

The 2016 CMP is topical, of course. For example there is now greater emphasis on natural flood management and resilience whereas the earlier version focussed more on recording, flood warning systems and emergency procedures. This section is a good example of how the plan has developed.

The fisheries management chapter has four sections dealing with fish stocks, habitat quality, sustainable angling and fisheries management/governance. The Spey Fishery Board were actively involved in developing the revision of this chapter, as others were within their own particular area of expertise – we wish the plan every success.

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Source: Spey Fishery Board – River Spey Catchment Management Plan