A smolt trap has just been installed on the River Nairn to help measure the health of the fish stocks in the river. Measuring the smolt output from a river is one of the best ways to determine the health of a salmon population. “Smolt” is a life-stage of a juvenile salmon. This life stage occurs when a juvenile salmon begins its migration from freshwater to the estuary and adjusts to living in saltwater. The smolt trap will be in operation from May to June and is checked daily by the FNLFT Biologist, Bob Laughton, and the Nairn Bailiff, Alastair Skinne, with the help of local volunteers. The species, size, and weight of all fish caught are recorded before the fish is safely released downstream.

Great news for the river- in the first night of operation 88 salmon and 22 trout plus 1 large eel were caught!

Trap2 Trap3 Smolt trap

Source: Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie – Smolt Trap on the River Nairn