Leaping Salmon 2The prize for the first salmon of the season to be caught on the Tweed went overseas this year.

A fishery manager from Sweden landed the first springer on February 1, winning the Tweedside Tackle Trophy,

Angler Kent Håkansson was fishing at Upper Floors on the Weetles pool, aided by boatman Richie Donnovan, who netted and safely released the 9lb cock fish.

The springer was caught on a Cascade Tube fly, using a 15’ Loomis Stinger and a Sage reel.

Tweedside Tackle’s Caroline Pilcher said: “As is now the tradition, there was a good turnout at the shop (Tweedside Tackle in Bridge Street, Kelso) on the evening of the opening day, which was well attended by fishers and boatmen.”

Her husband Tim presented Mr Håkansson with the trophy, a life-size stainless steel sculpture of a spring salmon, created by local artist Jason Sweeney.

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