THE Atlantic Salmon’s amazing ability to navigate thousands of miles of open ocean, and leap formidable waterfalls on its return journey to the place it was born, has justifiably earned it the title of ‘king of fish’.

And BBC ALBA’s popular fishing series Turas a’Bhradain: The Salmon’s Journey offers viewers a visual feast with stunning footage and returns with the very latest news from rivers and coastlines around Scotland, including the South Esk in Angus, Loch Lomond on the Firth of Clyde, the waters of the Uists and various rivers in Argyll.

Returning with presenter and keen angler, Neen Mackay, viewers are taken on a journey of discovering charting some of the most accessible salmon fishing available in Scotland.

Produced by STV for BBC ALBA, Turas a’Bhradain will start next Tuesday March 13th at 8.30pm.

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