Pullaugh BurnFollowing the SEPA review of the Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) licence, first phase improvements have been completed by Scottish Power on the Pullaugh Burn. Since the installation of the Galloway Hydros Scheme, the Pullaugh Burn, which flows from Loch Grannoch down into the Black Water of Dee, had been, in its entirety, dammed and fed via canals and underground pipes through to Clatteringshaws reservoir to be used for hydro generation at Glenlee Power Station. Since December 2012, the Pullaugh Burn had a compensation flow of 0.224 m3/sec released from the dam ensuring a water flow exists once again in the lower 1,000 m of the burn which has contained no running water for many decades. The burn is now reconnected back to the Black Water of Dee which is also benefitting from an increased compensation flow below Clatteringshaws Dam.

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