Following several discussions with Mowi, Fisheries Management Scotland can now provide the following update.

  • On August 20, 2020, Mowi’s salmon farm at Carradale North shifted position after its seabed anchors became dislodged during Storm Ellen
  • The farm consisted of 10 circular net pens containing a total of 550,000 salmon of approximately 4.2kgs in weight
  • The cage group was stabilised during the storm and have now been returned to their original position and secured.
  • 6 of the pens are fully intact, having been inspected by ROVs and divers
  • 4 pens were damaged, two of which experienced torn netting. Therefore, as anticipated in our earlier news item, an escape of farmed fish is now confirmed
  • Mowi have now reported that 48,834 farmed fish have escaped.
  • We are working with our members, Marine Scotland and Mowi to finalise a monitoring and mitigation plan in an attempt to minimise the number of farmed fish entering the rivers draining into the Firth of Clyde.