Well that’s the first four weeks of the season passed already. Last week was a good week on the river with fresh fish from Grantown to the sea.

Last week’s forecast was reasonably accurate. Wednesday was unpleasant, with a gusty downstream wind and snow or hail showers. This coming week is forecast to be fine at the start of the week becoming colder and wetter towards the end of the week. The tides peak on Tuesday and there will be no new water till the following week.

Whilst out fish I noticed a Grey Wagtail for the first time this year, I also noticed some Blue winged olives and thought I saw two or three March Browns sailing majestically down the river on Saturday afternoon. This mild spell seems to have brought things on a lot earlier than usual.


Catches. As I mentioned earlier an excellent week on the river.

Gordon Castle, Ian Tennant tells me Ronnie Fraser had a fish from Beat 4.

Orton continues to catch fish Francie Watt had a fish from Cairnty on Thursday.

Delfur had a great week with eleven landed. Monday was a special day, I got my first of the season, Dicken Fawcett had his first from Delfur and Jan Rigden got his biggest salmon ever and a Delfur badge. The week continued well with Neil Cameron getting his Delfur season underway. Allan Rennie had a 20lb fish from Sourden but the technology department was missing so there was no photograph. Delfur can resemble Games of Thrones at times with heads or parts of heads being cut off right left and centre. Graham Ritchie had a couple on Thursday, Andrew Scott-Kiddie also had a fish as did Brian Shaw and I even managed a second. New Chocolate Cocker for the team.

Rothes also had an excellent week with eight landed. Ross Wood started with two on Tuesday, Tony Smith also had a couple but one was weighed at 20lbs. Stan Baird had three, five for a day not bad for early March, especially when you consider Wednesday’s weather. Graham Ritchie manned to keep up his excellent record on Saturday.

I hear Arndilly had three on Tuesday but have no more news.

I was pleased to hear that Craigellachie season got underway with a fresh fish on Saturday afternoon. I knew as soon as some rods were on the water a fish would be caught.

Across the river Macallen also had a fish on Saturday.

Aberlour angling Club had three, Ken Davies had one and Jimmy Seivright the other two.

Kinermony had four I understand.

Wester Elchies had two.

Delagyle two as well, Mondays one was estimared at 24lbs.

Laggan had a fish from the Griggle on Friday.

Carron, Ian Borthwick had yet another from Delmunich.

I hear Tulchan have had around four fish, certainly one from A and D beat and I believe 2 from C beat but have no more details.

I am pleased to report that visiting angler Stewart Watson had the first fish from the Long Pool, unfortunately the electrons were missing from the technology department, river watcher Sean Grant was on hand to witness the event. This is a few weeks earlier than the last few years.

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Source: Spey Fishery Board – Week Commencing March 6th 2017