Two years ago we posted about the Dippol Burn at Auchinleck and how we reintroduced a few trout to it following 40 years without these fish after they were killed by pollution.

The Dippol Burn near Auchinleck where trout were killed over 40 years ago by pollution. They can’t move back into the burn themselves due to a high waterfall in Auchinleck Estate.

This Saturday 4th March we are at the Boswell Centre seeking for a small grant at the Auchinleck Decides Event. This will allow ART and volunteers from the community to do work to improve habitat within the Dippol Burn and to introduce more fish now that we know they can survive.

Struan releasing a few trout to test their survival back in 2015.

Community Choices Funds will be be awarded on the day to projects that Auchinleck residents of all ages support. If you live in Auchinleck and want to support our wee project or even better take part too, then come along and give us a vote. We will need as many as possible to get a share of the funding. Bring mum, bring dad, bring the kids, the more the better. Doors open at 11.30am and the event starts at 12.00 noon. Hopefully by 3.30pm we should have enough votes to leave with a small cheque.

Moving a few trout into the Dippol Burn to check if they survived ok. They did so we hope to move more next time to really kick start a sustainable population in this burn. The original fish were wiped out by pollution over 40 years ago.

Source: Ayshire River Trust – ART needs you! Auchinleck Decides – Community Choices Fund