Big thanks to everyone that made it out last Friday and Saturday in the windy, wet and cold conditions to plant trees along the banks of the upper Kinglas Water. Great effort by everyone involved. These trees will benefit the river and bio-diversity in the area as well as adding some extra colour to the valley in years to come! Many thanks to the Loch Lomond National Park Authority and The Nineveh charitable Trust and Strone Estate for making this work possible.

Following on from this tree planting we will be putting in place a range of temperature data loggers along the river to monitor both annual and long term changes in water temperature. Hopefully in the future we will be able to plant more trees  along the upper tributaries to specifically target future climate change issues. I will post our annual data that we collect on here for anybody that is interested to look at.

We will be carrying out annual electrofishing surveys on the river to monitor the juvenile salmonid population this summer. Anybody interested in coming along and helping out is welcome. Just give me a call at the office (01499 302322).



Source: Argyll Fisheries Trust – Kinglas Tree Planting a Success