Leaping Salmon 3The important contribution and role of Fishery Boards and Fishery Trusts in the management of Scotland’s rivers and freshwater fisheries is highlighted in the annual factsheet published today by the Association of Salmon Fishery Boards (ASFB) and the Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS).

Dr Alan Wells, Policy and Planning Director of ASFB, said: “Our factsheet underlines the vital contribution that District Salmon Fishery Boards and Fishery Trusts make in managing our rivers and lochs. Not only do Boards manage virtually all of Scotland’s salmon and sea trout fisheries, they do so at no cost to the public purse – Boards are principally financed by fishery owners to the tune of £4.32m. The promotion of catch and release over recent years has been a major success. Such initiatives, which are largely voluntary and operate at the individual catchment scale, have ensured that the number of fish killed within rivers has been dramatically reduced – 74% of salmon (91% of spring salmon) and 71% of sea trout caught by anglers are now returned to the water. This conservation action has been a significant factor in stabilising salmon and sea trout populations in much of Scotland.”